A good article about Ayurveda myths.

Dr. Herbz

Our first article busting common misconceptions about Ayurveda got a great reception from around the World. So, today we again board the Myth-Buster Train with Dr. Harshad R., and present – “The Other Top-Ten Misconceptions about Ayurveda Busted” !

Myth 1. Ayurveda endorses vegetarianism as a better lifestyle.
TRUTH: Ayurveda neither endorses nor refutes both vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism as a better lifestyle. Since every individual is unique in the view of Ayurveda, it solely depends on that individual’s Dosha-Prakriti (constitution) and environment, as to which lifestyle is better for them.

Probably, this myth roots from the fact that Ayurveda describes meat as harder to digest than vegetarian foods, and recommends avoiding it whenever the patient’s digestive capacity (Jathar Agni) is weakened, which is incidentally the case in most illnesses.

Myth 2. It is pronounced “Aa-yur-ve-daah”, and “Do-shaa”.
in Western countries.
TRUTH: No matter who you…

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