Dr. Herbz

The Ayurvedic daily routine (Dinacharyaa) highly recommends that you scrape your tongue after brushing the teeth every morning. It is called as Jivha-Nirlekhan in Sanskrit language. So what is this Jivha Nirlekhan thing, and why is it so important? Let us see.

Tongue-scraping gives 4 major health benefits –
1. Rids the plaques accumulated on the tongue.
2. Helps in better sense of taste.
3. Helps improve digestion (“Really? How?” Read on.)
4. Helps eliminate bad breath in some.

Why tongue-scraping is necessary?
If you have already read our previous article about drinking water in the morning, you would remember the name ‘Aam‘. This is a generic term for the improperly digested metabolites that clog up your systems, leading to a wide range of diseases from acne to diabetes, depending on their location, distribution and chemical composition. So, the plaques that accumulate on your tongue through…

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